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Get ZEN from OKAYMMO MU Legend Guilds

We tested MU Legend Global Service in closed Beta, and now we've been playing in Korea server. We are a group of Mu Legend loyal players, one until the force for the Guild players and game players to provide a large number of MU Legend Zen, items and goods, we have helped about 2100 people in Korea server, for them to save a lot of time to farming mu legend zen, increased in a limited time game fun.

Get ZEN from OKAYMMO MU Legend Guilds

We are a game-loving team, about 30 people, of course, we are also concerned about other popular games, which game needs us, we will in that game, to provide you with cheap Currency, materials, Items and so on.


Of course, officials and some players think we've destroyed the game, but what I want to say is that we didn't do that, and we just purchased their excess gold coins and items from other players and sold them to other players, which was a friendly and mutually supportive process, like the auction house of the game.

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