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Mu Legend Wings Guide

Wings come in various shapes and sizes and offer different abilities.

When equipped, they generally change your moving animation and increase your Movement Speed.

Mu Legend Wings Guide

Wings can be enchanted and evolved for greater powers.

Some wings change their appearances upon Evolution.


Wings Enchantment

Wings can be enchanted at the cost of Wing Enchantment Stones, Zen, and Magic Gems.

Enchanting wings increase their EXP depending on their Growth and Evolution levels, and when their EXP reaches 100%,

the enchantment is successful.


Also there is a chance that the wings are grown instantly even if their EXP does not reach 100%.

  • Step 1. Talk to the Wings NPC and select the Manage Wings menu.
  • Step 2. Register the item that you want to enchant. (The Growth or Evolve window is displayed depending on the item's status.)
  • Step 3. Click the Grow (Evolve) button.
  • Step 4. An Instant Growth (Evolution) rate is applied. If the enchantment is successful, the results are displayed. (No results are displayed if it's failed.)

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