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okaymmo:New World - House Completed Guide

In New World, players can buy houses and decorate them. They can also acquire trophies and mount them on the walls of their house, offering bonuses that may help them in combat against certain creatures. This is a completed guide about New World House.

okaymmo:New World  - House Completed Guide


Level requirement

You need to reach at least level 15 to unlock the ability to purchase a house. It may sound easy but once you reach level 15, you still need the other requirements which will be harder to achieve.

This is why you should not focus that much on your level if you really want to rush to buy a house. You will reach level 15 in no time without even trying to do so, but you would still need a good number of other hours to finish the other requirements.

Purchasing a house

Purchasing a house in New World can most definitely come with an exciting payoff for players, but there is a bit of grinding you'll have to take part in before you can lay claim to your house's deed. First, you'll have to raise your standing within the territory of the settlement where you want to purchase a home. Make sure to do the necessary daily activities, such as clearing out enemy monsters, completing missions for factions, crafting items, and working on projects within the town. Once you've reached both the necessary standing threshold, as well as level 15, you'll be able to purchase a home.

Houses in New World can often vary in their appearances and location within a settlement. Each house in the game has characteristics that are unique to the settlement in which they are located, including exterior designs and interior furnishings. Thankfully, players are able to purchase any home they want, even if it's occupied by another player. You won't have to worry about kicking someone out of their place, as you'll always see your version of the house at a certain location within the world.

Paying taxes

After your home is purchased, you'll have to continuously pay a property tax on the house to hold onto it. While you won't be completely evicted from your home for not paying your taxes, you will lose access to certain mechanics and features that come with owning a house such as your house recall and trophy buffs. Additionally, with outstanding property tax over your head, you won't be able to decorate your house or show it off to other players. 、

Town standing level

This is probably the hardest requirement to grind. The town standing level varies for each house because they are all different. For bigger houses, you will need more reputation levels for the town.

The lowest standing level you need to reach would be 10 and it would only be for the smallest house. The next one would be 15, 20, and 30. Each town has a separate reputation level so make sure you are committing to grow your town standing level in the town you actually want to buy a house.

The game designers are making buying a house in New World an extremely big decision — as it is in real life. There are a lot of areas available with housing and you need to commit to one town at a time to buy a house fast. This is to take advantage of the huge discount.

This makes you more motivated to just prioritize a specific town to buy a house there. If you are planning on buying a 20,000 coin house, you might as well get the 50% discount and focus on grinding it because 10,000 coins is a huge amount of savings

How to Increase Town Reputation

To increase your town standing level, you will need to complete all the town missions consistently. The town board will post these missions 3 at a time for you to accept. You can do them simultaneously while doing other missions.

You can even level your mining skill or level up your fishing while doing these missions. The missions vary from giving you +250 standing reputation, +500 standing reputation, or +750 standing reputation.

Some are easier than others but generally, the +750 ones are harder. All of these missions may involve delivery missions where you just need to hand in random supplies you get from exploring. It is always a benefit to explore and gather materials even if you do not need them (yet).

You also get raw reputation points by killing monsters near the town. Combine this with other missions and other gathering skills to be as efficient as you can be. If you know how to track objectives, you can prioritize the town missions so that you can recycle them quicker.

Customizing your home

Customizing your house is one of the most time-consuming activities you can accomplish in New World, since the many options for customization are immense. From interior furniture to decorative shrubbery and houseplants, players can deck their homes out with hundreds of customizable (and craftable) options. Additionally, you can find pets out in the wild that you can bring home and leave in your house to keep watch over the place until you return from another one of your adventures.

Housing Leaderboards

After purchasing a house, you will be able to see a list of owners who own the same plot of land you just bought. You can open this by going to your front porch and interacting with your home.

You will see a leaderboard among the list of owners. This is the sort of competition homeowners have among themselves who own the same house.

Each house will have its own points that follow a point system. The point system has a ranking for each piece of furniture in the game and it just adds value to your house score.

It is a weird system since you can basically spam highly-rated furniture inside your home without having any thought to the overall design. However, it still pushes you to have diversity while going for quantity and quality with your furniture.

The top homeowners will have a random chance of getting their homes displayed naturally that other homeowners can see as they pass through the town.

Leaderboard Reward Example

Here is an example of how the housing leaderboards work in New World. You are a Player A that owns House A which is in the top 20 houses for all House A owners. Player B passes by House A and sees that your house is randomly displayed on his side of the game.

However, Player B owns House B but does not belong to the top 20 for House B owners. Player B will always see his/her own house in the House B plot since he/she owns it.

This means that Player A will never have a random chance of seeing House B until Player B gets to the top 20 houses for House B owners. The same goes for all the houses in that particular town.

You can manually visit each of the houses in the leaderboards just by pressing "Enter" beside their names.

Throw a house party

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As previously mentioned, anyone can purchase any home in New World—even those owned by multiple players. While you'll always see your home, other players will see their version of the house if they own that purchasable home. Players who don't own a particular piece of property will see the player's house that's earned the most points at that location. Additionally, you can invite your friends to come visit your home by inviting them to a group. Up to five players can be supported within one home. Together, you're able to build up not just a home, but an entire community of players—all working towards the same goals and gameplay aspirations.

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