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okaymmo:New World - Mounts & Fast Travel

New World is a huge potential MMORPG even though the game has not yet officially launched. Some gamers have gotten used to easy fast travel and enormous amounts of mounts available in their MMORPGs. They are eager to know about fast travel in the New World.

okaymmo:New World - Mounts & Fast Travel


At the moment, all experienced New World players know that mounts are not a thing in this game. And traveling around a lot is, so that sucks a bit.

New World allows for limited fast travel in multiple different forms. Players can build camps that serve as a mobile respawn point, although they cannot be placed too close to most POIs. Player housing in New World also offers a respawn point. Additionally players can bind to the inn in one settlement, and while in a settlement they can teleport to any other settlement they've previosly visited. All these fast travel options are limited either by long cooldowns or Azoth costs.

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