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Elder Scrolls Online Useful Tips & Information

This guide contains a lot of useful information and tips that'll help you a lot when starting up your adventure in Tamriel.


Leveling & Progression

  • The most effective way of earning XP is by doing quests.
  • You will also earn a significant amount of XP by finding and exploring new areas.
  • Skyshards are collectibles scattered all over the map. Every 3 Skyshards you collect will give you a skill point. Here's a our skyshards locations guide.
  • Mundus Stones are scattered all over the map. They grant the player permanent buffs, but only one can be active at a time. You can remove your current Mundus Stone buff by selecting another Mundus Stone. There are 13 different types of Mundus Stones and each alliance has a complete set. You can also find all 13 in Cyrodiil.
  • You have the option of respeccing your skill points for a pricey gold fee. All earned skill points are preserved after respec.
  • Health, Stamina and Magicka points can be reassigned for a high gold cost.
  • You can easily fill Soul Gems by killing critters while they are affected by Soul Trap (from the Soul Magin skill line).
  • You can't group for dungeons with players from other factions than yours.
  • After joining the Mage's Guild you can access Shalidor's library. There you can find books that grant you XP to your Mage's Guild rank.
  • Eiditic memory is a feature you unlock later in the game, which allows you to see all the notes and books you collected.
  • Veteran Ranks is an advancement system that you unlock after you hit level 50 when you receive Veteran Rank 1. Each Veteran Rank has a different tier of gear associated. There are currently 10 Veteran Ranks.
  • You can be a werewolf / vampire and be in the Fighters Guild at the same time.
  • Wear multiple types of armor pieces, and you will boost your available stats from the start. (light armor boosts magicka, medium armor: stamina and heavy armor HP and armor – more here Armor skills.)
  • From level 15 you can swap your weapons at any time. Use ‘ Keyboard Command or configure any key for this specific action.
  • You can easily level a 2nd weapon skill line if you equip it before turning in a quest.
  • You can gain XP for a skill line if you have one of its active abilities slotted (even if you don't use it).
  • If you get stuck in the world (cannot move, trapped etc), use the /stuck command. it will kill your character and you'll loose equipment integrity (the equipment integrity is reported as being a bug, so no effect will be applied)
  • Level 1 mobs such as rats and spiders can drop fishing bait when you kill them.
  • You can repair your gear at any merchant for a gold fee.
  • You can buy glyphs to enchant your gear for a reasonable price.
  • You can only have 1 provisioning effect on at a time.
  • Try searching all Bookshelfs you find, there is a chance of reading a book that will raise one of your skills with 1 level.


  • All characters have 60 Inventory slots at level 1. The Inventory can be upgraded up to 110 slots, each upgrade adding 10 additional slots.
  • If you hold "Q" it will open the Quickslots inventory (8 slots). Select an item from the Quickslot and press Q to use it.
  • You can swap your weapons starting with level 15 by pressing the ' key.
  • If you get stuck in a NPC conversation, typing /reloadui or pressing (apostrophe), or pressing the mailbox symbol will get you out of the stuck animation. /reloadui also fixes a lot of weird UI bugs or glitches. If you stuck at a crafting station, you'll find that /reloadui will save the day.
  • All the keys in the game can be customized/changed. You can do that via the Controls menu.
  • Press the period (.) key to go into "prompt" mode. It allows you to adjust your chat settings and windows.
  • You can type /fps in the chat to see your frames per second.
  • You can turn on autoloot and AE loot in the options.
  • In Settings, there is an option to hide your helmet


  • Other players can't steal your kills or loot. If more than one player participates at killing a mob, everyone gets separate loot and XP.
  • Public dungeons bosses have a high respawn rate and drop very good loot.
  • You can also target yourself with healing spells that target allies.
  • You can play through the quests of other alliances but the content is scaled to level 50.
  • Boss Mobs in dungeons will drop potions and a filled soul gem appropriate to your level. You can farm the boss for a bit to build up a supply.
  • Boss mobs in Public Dungeons can be killed multiple times. They spawn when a new player or group moves through the dungeon. You can assist them, and get loot. The loot quality diminishes overtime, but each boss will have a blue item that you will get as a reward – it's only awarded once.
  • The easy way to interrupt a npc/player is to click and hold the right mouse button, then click the left mouse button. If you interrupt the target, using heavy attack while the target is disoriented will knock the target down.
  • By pressing L and R mouse buttons at the same time you can snap out of disorient and off-balance effects for 30% stamina cost.


  • You can travel to Cyrodiil at level 10. Begin by doing the starting quest and the siege equipment training. You will get skillpoints for the starting quest.
  • Make sure you fill your Soul Gem. While in Cyrodiil PvP battles you can use it to revive allies.
  • The “kill 20 enemy players” PvP quest is easy to complete if you are in a large group.
  • Visit the notice boards to get PvP quests in Cyrodiil.
  • In Cyrodiil, towns owned by NPCs have repeatable PvE quests.
  • To use a siege weapon you must first place it in quickslot.
  • If you deployed a siege you can also pick it up and take it with you when you're done sieging. If you leave it behind, enemies can burn it down. Sieges get damaged as you fire them and every siege engine has a health bar. You and your allies can buy repair kits to repair your siege.
  • Catapults are best at damaging enemy players, trebuchets for walls and ballistae for damaging siege weapons.
  • You can leave Cyrodiil from the Wayshrine at the gate but you cannot teleport to Cyrodiil from another area. You have to get to a keep controlled by your alliance, get back to camp using a Transit Shrine and then use the Wayshrine. You can also respawn there after you die.
  • You can join the Alliance War by opening the PvP menu ( "L" key). In the campaigns tab you can assign yourself to one. Select the campaign again and you will be placed in queue for Cyrodiil.
  • Set items drop in Cyrodiil that are scaled to your level that are different from the crafted sets.
  • Use the Magelight ability to spot stealth enemies. When casting Magelight, it stays visible even when you are sneaking.
  • By pressing L and R mouse buttons at the same time you can snap out of disorient and off-balance effects for 30% stamina cost.

Exploration & Gathering

  • After you visit a Wayshrine you can travel back to it from anywhere on the map. You can do that by opening the map ("M" key) and clicking on that Wayshrine icon on the map. You will pay a small gold fee. If you go to a Wayshrine and interact with it you can travel to another one for no fee.
  • There are many unlocked chests in the tutorial area. Searching them can get you gold, gear and lockpicks. Crates, barrels and urns are phased per player. They hold crafting ingredients and recipes – Check our lockpick guide
  • It's very useful to keep some lockpicks on you at all times. You can find them in boxes, chests, drawers and wardrobes or simply buy them from NPC merchants.
  • Locked chests are mainly found in the coastline areas.
  • Dungeons chest loot is not instanced per player. Others can steal your loot. The loot in dungeon chests can be superior to dungeons boss loot.
  • You can come across lots of hidden quests while exploring the map.
  • Areas on the map marked by a skull and cross-bones are veteran areas. They have extremely tough mobs and are difficult to complete without a group.
  • Sometimes speaking to a random NPC can reveal new locations on your map.
  • "Heavy bags" have a chance of containing crafting materials up to legendary tempers. They disappear after looting.

Crafting & Economy

  • In ESO you can sell your items to NPC vendors, via Guild Shops if you join one or more guilds and by offering your merchandise to other players in open chat.
  • The same bank storage is shared by all characters of the same account. Starting bank size has 60 slots, but it can be upgraded.
  • You can gather 6 types of materials from the world: provisioning reagents, cloth, ore, wood, runes and herbs. All raw resources are found in the world, except provisioning reagents that can be found in crates and barrels.
  • Raw materials can be processed (smelt ore, cut wood, weave fabrics) in the "Extraction" tab. Stacks of 10 are required, returns a maximum amount of 10 bars/wood/fabric.
  • You can experience from both crafting and breaking items.
  • If you are not a Provisioner, searching barrels and crates might not interest you. Trunks, urns, desks, nightstands and backpacks can contain recipes, style books, style components and other things.
  • While you're leveling it's a good idea to loot everything. If you can't use some of the items you can at least sell them to vendors for some extra gold.
  • You can store crafting materials in the bank. They won't take Inventory space and you can use them in crafting stations straight from the bank.
  • Store your refined crafting mats in the bank, but since you'll be picking up more, keep the raw mats on your person.
  • There are some crafting stations hidden in remote areas where you can craft special gear with set bonuses. In order to use them you have to research 2 traits for an item so you can craft a set version of it. Each set has 3 pieces.
  • The "Keen Eye" crafting skills can help you spot crafting materials easier in your surrounding environment.
  • You can find cooking recipes in dressers and other containers.
  • Unlocked chests and trunks may contain Racial Motifs Books. These can be used to create new styles of weapons and armor.
  • You can break armor and weapons via crafting and learn the patterns for traits. Research time is lengthy and doubles every time you learn a new trait. The first research period is 6 hrs, the next one for the same item is 12 hrs and so on. Research time goes on even when your character is offline.
  • Resource nodes can be spotted much easier if you lower graphics settings, especially if you turn off grass and shadows and depth of field.
  • You can craft tier 1 items without investing skill points in crafting professions.
  • To craft tier 2 items you have to spend 1 skill point in the related profession.
  • If you eat an alchemy ingredient, one of its properties will be revealed. It works only once.


  • After you buy your first horse, talk to the stable master again. He will let you feed your horse once a day and depending on what you choose to feed him, it will increase his stamina, speed or carry weight.
  • You cannot max all three attributes of a horse.
  • Stables in cities are marked with a horse-icon on the mini map. The cheapest horse available costs around 17,500 ESO gold, if you want buy click to
  • If you choose to increase carry weight you can gain 1 extra Inventory slot every time you feed him (once every 20 hours).


  • A guild must have at least 10 members in order to use a guild bank.
  • A guild with at least 50 members that owns a resource in Cyrodiil (keep, farm, mine or lumber mill) can open a guild store there for the general public. Players that visit your guild's resource can shop from the guild store. The shop will be local and only your guild's goods will be available for sale. If your guild loses the keep, the goods will remain in the store but the public won't be able to buy them anymore.

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