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okaymmo:Empty Queues in TOS Orsha Server

You won't cry anymore when F2P players will cole next week, imo. Just be patient.


Because the f2p players, without their tokens, are totally going to instantly level to 280 in one day. Riiight. /s

Reality: Most will quit before hitting 90. Happens in every mmo, and ToS is no exception. And to make matters worse, the servers are initially going to be bombarded hard, making the game laggier than it already is (if it doesn't crash).

Edit: Wow this sub really hates the truth. Learn what downvotes are for.


I actually think the staff might want to give some Klaipedians an option for server transference to Orsha, since Klaipeda seems to be insanely stacked with how often people getting annoyed by multiple chars being under the statues, not enough channels, CommanderLoadFail(assuming this has anything to do with server stability) and more and I never had any of those issues in Orsha.

*Channels are good enough here, sure channel 1 is always stacked but you can always change to 2 - 5 and there will be like 5 - 10 people there and that's it,

*Chars inside the statues are a thing, but not that many, you can just walk like 2cm closer in to the statue and be able to use it

*I've never had any CommanderLoadFail since the first few days of the server, it was fixed pretty fast here and since then I've never encountered that again, heck I don't even remember where or how exactly that box appears.

This might be an option if the F2P doesn't make Orsha populated again OR with Klaipeda getting 2 or 3 times more populated than what it is now.

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