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okaymmo:Legion World Quests Quick Overview, Warlock and Druid Order Hall Updates, Bejeweled Jewelcrafting Toy

This Legion build added endgame world quests with a variety of rewards as well as visual improvements to several Order Halls--Druid and Warlock.

Order Hall Updates

Following visual updates to the Mage and Shaman Order Halls, The Druid and Warlock Order Halls got spruced up this build. A few things were added to add a bit more aesthetic. You can compare the old Druid Order Hall and the old Warlock Order Hall in our previous videos. 


Jewelcrafting Fun Toy

Reports have been coming in about a new hot game hitting the streets of Dalaran! We managed to catch up with Wordup who had JewelCraft so that we could show it to you all! Here they are now!

Jewelcrafting Fun Toy

Do you see it? See the game? Here, let's get a a closer look!

So to obtain this item, you need to be a Jewelcrafter as well as level 110. You will receive a quest that will require you to farm up some materials so that you can make this neat toy!


Legion World Quests Quick Overview

In Legion when you hit level 110, something called "World Quests" will open up for your character. These quests are believed to have varied reset timers. Some will change after you complete particular ones, some will reset hourly, daily, and the world boss ones will reset weekly. 


Rewards will vary. At the moment it seems that some rewards consist of Artifact Power, Order Hall Resources, Gear, Reputation, Items for your Champion Followers, Honor, Battle Pet Stones, and Crafting Reagents. There may be more but this is what we know so far. 


For more information on World Quests, please check out Blizzard's World Quest Design Notes.

Crossed Swords: This world quest involves PvP.

Purple "!" With Dragon Border: This world quest involves a World Boss.

Blue Skull With Dragon Border: This world quest involves a group and a dungeon.

Blue "!" With Dragon Border: This is a world quest that involves a group to kill a rare elite mob.

Normal "!" With a Dragon Border: This is a world quest involves a small group 2-3 people to kill an less deadly elite mob.

Normal "!": This is a world quest that is solo-able.

Profession Marker: This is a world quest that involves your profession.

Green Paw Marker: This world quest involves pet battling.

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