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okaymmo:Tree of Savior Contribute Monster Drops

as you know the drop information in our database is far from being complete. This is because we are unable to datamine this information like we do with most other information like monsters, items and skills. We tried to find some kind of other automated method to get the information but came to the conclusion that (for now) the best way to get this information is via user contribution. We already received such information but we wanted to get things more organized so we created a new feature for this.


The new feature allows you to fill in all information we need and send it to us. We will then verify this information and add it to the database afterwards. We will use screenshots of the Adventure Journal as source as this is the most reliable source. More details about this can be found on the Contribution Page.

okaymmo:Tree of Savior Contribute Monster Drops

We hope this will help us improving the database and make it as complete as possible.

Anyone are welcomed to redistribute, copy, quote, reference or perform content in this site, if and only if he/she attributed the work

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