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Ancient Reliquary Key (Level: 35)

Buy Cheap Ancient Reliquary Key and 5Mins Delivery at okaymmo

Ancient Reliquary Key is an item that grants access to the Ancient Reliquary.

Ancient Reliquary Keys are rare, random drops. They are only available in the Legacy leagues.


Ancient Reliquary (Monster Level: 75)

POE Reliquary chest

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The Ancient Reliquary is an area that is accessible by placing an Ancient Reliquary Key in a map device. This area is exclusive to the Legacy league and does not have any Atlas completion marks.

The area contains no monsters and a single Legacy Relic Relic Vault, which contains one to three Relic items.

The Ancient Reliquary Keys is now Normal difficulty In this Version. Travel to the Ancient Reliquary by using this item in the Eternal Laboratory or a personal Map Device. Can only be used once.

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