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Next week Path of Exile Oriath Beta clear and Restart Beta

The Fall of Oriath Beta has been live for one week now. In this week, the server performance is good, the game quality is better than the previous version, of course, there are a lot of bugs exist. next week the official to update include the remaining bandit fights, Act 8, an updated tutorial system and remove the player data to start a new round of testing.

Next week Path of Exile Oriath Beta clear and Restart Beta

This week the official will be deploying the first wave of changes that largely focus on polishing content that is already included in the Beta. I saw them update eleven new Support Gems! 

  • Players can no longer bypass the magic barrier in The Ruined Square by using movement skills.
  • Shock Nova can now be supported by Spell Echo
  • Vaal side areas will no longer spawn inaccessible portals.
  • The Atziri portal variation will no longer apply to regular maps.
  • Monsters will no longer leave floating weapons on death.
  • Crimson Scholars can no longer be desecrated.
  • Fixed several audio problems, including crackling.
  • Fixed an issue where the "More Fire Damage" on a "Chance to Ignite" support gem was not working correctly.
  • The "Bloodlust" support gem will now properly indicate "Supported Attacks cannot cause Bleeding".
  • Bleeds applied by Spike Traps found in the Labyrinth and Trials now deal more damage.
  • You can no longer return to the Act 5 boss room completing the fight.
  • Fixed an issue with the "Cluster Traps" support gem applying the "Less Trap Damage" modifier twice.
  • Fixed an issue where Bannon would output dialogue to chat incorrectly.
  • Ascendancy Trials found in Maps can now be interacted with and will show your current trial completion.
  • You can now interact with the noticeboard in Act 7.
  • Arakaali should no longer be able to drop inaccessible loot.
  • You'll now only find one Vaal Vessel in a Corrupted side zone.
  • Saving your settings should now properly save them.
  • We have fixed several crashes.

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Oriath Beta: Act 8 and subsequent character wipe has been moved to late next week

UPDATE After some discussion with the team, the Beta Patch that introduces Act 8 and subsequent character wipe has been moved to late next week. There will be no Beta patch this week.

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