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okaymmo:Best Atlas Passive Tree Guide and Get Rich Fast

Hi,guys! This is the best atlas passive tree guide for progressing your atlas. If you are still troubled by the atlas passive tree, you might as well try it out according to the guide. This will allow you to get rich quickly in the early stages of the league!

okaymmo:Best Atlas Passive Tree Guide and Get Rich Fast


Leveling Start: Atlas Passive Skill Tree

Basics (covers the main points): Atlas Passive Skill Tree


Preference Recommended Map Kirac Mod Scarab Sextant Need Point Skill Tree
Blight Toxic Sewer Harbinger(4c) / Ambush(4c) Blight Blight 94 Link
Ritual   Harbinger(4c) / Ambush(4c) / Ritual (13c) Blood-filled Vessel / others Ritual / others 89 Link
Delirium Jungle Valley Harbinger(4c) / Ambush(4c)   Delirium / others 88 Link
Metamorph   Harbinger(4c) / Ambush(4c) Metamorph   85 Link
Harvest   Harbinger(4c) / Ambush(4c)   Harvest 75 Link
Breach   Harbinger(4c) / Ambush(4c) Breach Breach 81 Link
Legion   Harbinger(4c) / Ambush(4c) Legion Legion 84 Link
Expedition   Harbinger(4c) / Ambush(4c) Expedition   77 Link
Abyss   Harbinger(4c) / Ambush(4c) / Abyss(2c) Abyss Abyss 78 Link


Masters Kirac Mod Scarab Sextant Need Point Skill Tree
Alva Harbinger(4c) / Ambush(4c)   Alva / others 77 Link
Einhar Harbinger(4c) / Ambush(4c) Einhar   85 Link
Jun Harbinger(4c) / Ambush(4c)   Jun / others 84 Link
Niko Harbinger(4c) / Ambush(4c) Sulphite   70 Link
Kirac Harbinger(4c) / Ambush(4c)     74 Link
Elder and Shaper       82 Link
Sirus       82 Link




Recommended Map: Toxic Sewer

Kirac Mod: Harbinger(4c) / Ambush(4c)

Scarab 1 - 4: Blight, Ambush, Harbinger, Metamorph

Sextant 1 - 4: Blight, Any, Any, Any

Points: 128

Tree: Link


Recommended Map: Jungle Valley

Kirac Mod: Beyond (5c)

Scarab 1 - 4: Harbinger, Abyss, Breach, Legion

Sextant 1 - 4: Delirium, Beyond, Corrupted Items, Any

Points: 128

Tree: Link


Recommended Map: Dunes

Kirac Mod: Harbinger/Ambush

Scarab 1 - 4: Legion, Ambush, Harbinger, Metamorph

Sextant 1 - 4: Legion, Any, Any, Any

Points: 128

Tree: Link


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