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Path of Exile 3.0 should be releasing around July 2017

Path of Exile's 3.0 Expansion Fall of Oriath is going to feature not just 1 new act but a completely redesigned story mode - 10 sequential acts over two parts. After Act 5 you will return to Wraeclast and the location of Act 1, but as Act 6 with a new story, new locations, new characters, new bosses and new quests. Return to see how things have changed in your absence, and the effects your actions have had on the world. How different are these new acts in Part 2? In this video I share my experiences running through Act 6 for the first time. How has Lioneye's Watch and the surrounding lands changed? Are we really getting 10 acts? This video should answer your questions and let you see for yourself!

Path of Exile 3.0 should be releasing around July 2017, after a beta set to begin during the 2.6 Challenge league early next month.

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