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New World - How to toggle PvP

Like many MMO, New Worls also has PvP. In New World, PvP and PvE gameplay not only coexist, but complement each other so players can bounce back and forth between focusing on PvP and PvE

New World  -  How to toggle PvP


When you start up the game PvP isn't immediately available to players, but after some questing, the ability is unlocked and from there on, players can select whether or not they’d like to engage in it while they’re questing through Aternum. Players can toggle PvP on or off through one simple process to optimize their New World experience to how they’d prefer to play.

How to toggle PvP in New World

Toggling PVP in New World is as simple as pressing U while in-game. One thing to note though is that you’ll need to be within a Sanctuary to enable it.

Once players have queued up until the point they are directed to select the a faction at the First Light settlement, then they are ready to engage in PVP. You’ll be given the choice of joining one of three factions and this decision will determine who you can PVP against in the game. Once you've selected, you’ll be given the ability to toggle PvP by pressing the U key.

This input, like others in New World, can be changed in the setting menu to suit your desired keyboard layout, but the process will remain the same. Now with this enabled, not only will you have the creatures of Aternum to face off against, but you’ll also be able to test your skill against fellow players.

PVP Rewards

Faction Control Point rewards are about long-term value and controlling specific locations to earn buffs specific to that location. Control points don’t grant immediate rewards, but instead provide faction members with a 5% increase to experience gain and 20% increase to influence gain within that territory. Additionally, each fort location has a unique global buff for their faction, such as decreasing specific taxes or decreasing Azoth costs for fast travel.




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