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Dark and Light Develop Processes Detail

Recently Completed Tasks:


Public transports :

We just needed to automate the pricing policy for public transport management. This is now done. The price will vary depending on the transport type and on the distance.


Level management adjusted to the barony’s level :

The NPC and resource container levels’ are now adjusted to the level of the barony they’re in, and not the county.


Dark and Light Develop Processes Detail


Monster spawn points update :

The monster spawn points have been harmonized with the type of ground they’re on.


New Saves management system / NPC’s saves taken into account :

Saves : magic / fire / frost / lightning / poison & disease / blessed / cursed


Faction is now displayed :

The nine gods - including your main faction - are now displayed in the compass hud.

The faction’s hud will be displayed to notify gain or loss of points.

A player will be able to raise his points within his faction by making offerings in his God’s temples.


Stats balancing :

The warrior’s stamina (STA) is now equivalent to the wizard’s mana : useless interactions like weight surcharge, or degen related to one’s state have been suppressed.


Crafting :

The 5 crafting houses planned for the release of Dark and Light (the Forge, the Coppersmith’s workshop, the Weaver’s workshop, the Jeweler’s workshop) are now set in the world.


Current development priorities :


DnLSQL export :

Sog’s players certainly remember the problems encountered with the database when SOG was launched.


The team in charge of the database has been working for several months to optimize the database and the way it’s used. The new system’s export process to the game will be entirely automated (and will be more specific to each data type), thus allowing extensive productivity gain, particularly for massive data entry (quests, items...), or updates and balancing of data.


Crafting :

Testing of the craft’s modules


Town placement :

All the villages accessible when DnL is launched are now set in-game.


Transports :

We’re continuing to place the transports on Garaneth’s territories.


Inventory’s Ergonomics :

Allowing items belonging to the same type to be stacked within the inventory.


The ground :

New environments are being integrated : volcanic areas, ice-covered areas.

Placement of rivers.


Current critical tasks :


Balancing of the economic system.

Political system management.

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