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Do You Know What Has Happened with Dark and Light Game?

Do You Know What Has Happened with Dark and Light Game?


Mismanagement from the CEO, and they kept using some subsystem of the game that was vital for operation. However, that specific subsystem of the D&L servers was copyrighted by a developer they fired, and then continued to use that specific system without his approval. He went to court, sued the D&L company for using his precompiled copyrighted code & that was the drop in the bucket that killed the giant.


All in all, it was a fun game for what it was. HOWEVER, they lied to their customers at every step of the way to get their return in investment, and then ran off with it essentially leaving the game updateless. After about 3months of absolutely no proper updates being given everyone left. They TRIED to reboot D&L a year later with hardcore changes to the game, but they were too hardcore (ie: making it 3x harder to level, etc).


I played in Alpha, Beta, Open Beta, got a refund for my preorder and left before launch. It's not that I got burnt out, but I realized how badly the game was being mismanaged & that they were NOT listening to the horrible crys people were making about the engine that needed fixes badly, and how there was almost no content.


With all of that said, the game was purchased by a Korean company 2years ago, and is being redeveloped as "Savage Horizon" or something like that. I can't wait to see it come to NA again

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