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Reuse the Kritika online role name

Now Kritika online beta is over, some gamers will have some problems, such as: the use of role names.

To all Kritika Players, if you happen to delete your character to remake it, the name will be locked until en masse staff members decide to unlock it. this does not guarantee you will get your name back. we need to address this issue to the staff. it really makes no sense to do things this way. their reasoning is that so people don't hog names, how does this help that case at all? if you have saved a name for Example: Tiger on a warrior, but you wanted to be a gunmage or reaper you have no choice but to keep it as a warrior because if you delete it, en masse now holds your name. this also prevents you from keeping a unique name for a future class that will come out on a later date. 

In conclusion, founder pack buyer's will most likely keep their names on characters knowing that if they delete it, they will practically be giving the name away. Wasn't the benefits of purchasing a founder's pack "Early Open Beta Acess"? This includes the benefit of securing your desired names. Why take it away when it is something that we have paid for?


Is it not fair trade to be one of the first players to purchase a founder's pack and support the launch of Kritika Online, in return to be able to grab an original name we could re-use if necessary. I strongly recommend writing a ticket to support if you have been affected by this problem. we need to voice our opinion out there. make names reusable again.

Paying for founder's pack means you get to enjoy the game earlier than others with perks such as exclusive titles, pets, clothing ...etc. grabbing names is the same in every game. Having the pack literally means you get the chance to grab names you want BUT with no guarantee you'll get it. But once you get it, should it not be yours to use as you please? It's not being greedy. The names I took are names I will use for now and/or for the future classes. I just want to be able to customize, remake my character without losing the name that I took. 

It doesn't make sense to block us from getting the names again if we were the ones who got them in the first place. For example I made a reaper, did the tutorial to level 4 and decided reaper was not the class for me. I deleted it and wanted to try warrior but couldn't even use my name again. Granted it wasn't even a popular IGN, it was just something I went by and now I can't get it back. Even if support offers to reinstate your character for you, you won't be able to job change. So that means I'll be stuck with reaper.

What do you think of this?

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