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The views about the Kritika Online's fire lord

Have you heard of fire lord of Kritika Online? because the fire abilities look super cool and I heard he was really powerful. it feels really underwhelming in comparison to other classes.

Got to keep the fire lord over energise stacks up, got to combo skills together to get the mobs bunched up main skills to do that is fiery tantrum flame strike with the flurry part or fire slam then use a meteor fist when there all bunched up, or if far away use a max charge fiery smite, to deal with bosses cannon fist works wonders along with EX uppercut and detonate.

All classes have those and it's an upgrade. The difference is that some classes are hard hitters from the start and their EX won't be SUCH a massive upgrade compared to what it does for FL and other "late bloomer" classes.

Any class should look overpowered in relation to the content (not necessarily in relation to other classes) when using maxed BiS. Why? Because pve is usually designed to be run in much less than BiS as not everyone will be able to obtain such gear, and it'd be pointless to design stages for the 30 or so people with the skills, luck and dedication to get BiS.

As a fact, different people will be better at different classes despite what they like. I for example like Assassin a lot, but I totally suck at it in comparison to how I play as cat or as frost mage. As assassin I struggle a lot in situations I find easy as other classes. Though in some situations is the complete opposite. of course, since true game balance is impossible to achieve, we will see people performing great as a class and claiming that it is the best class, only for someone else reach the same results using another class.

You can try Kritika Online's fire lord in the game, or very interesting.

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