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okaymmo:[Archnemesis Ranger] PoE 3.17 Pathfinder Poisonous Concoction League Starter Build

This PoE 3.17 Pathfinder Poisonous Concoction League Starter Builds are very simple in leveling acts, good for league start as you can easily run through acts without any leveling gear and with minimum gem swaps on the way.

okaymmo:[Archnemesis Ranger] PoE 3.17 Pathfinder Poisonous Concoction League Starter Build


Quick Jump

Pros & Cons

  • + Very simple leveling in acts, good for league start as you can easily run through acts without any leveling gear and with minimum gem swaps on the way.
  • + Reaches early red maps with minimal investments, you may check my 3.16 version progress on by changing day/week in top right dropdown.
  • + Very tanky for a ranger, as much as "able to tank Sirus meteor" level of tanky:)
  • + Benefits of being a Pathfinder - flasks with permanent uptime, even better now when we don't even need to press them manually.
  • + Despite we cannot use any weapon, Poisonous Concoction provide enough damage for single target and good clear speed just by its base damage and via life flask, therefore we just have 1 less gear slot to care about.
  • + Beside all kind of defensive layers, such things as ailments/curses/crits immunity are also making this build very comfortable to play.
  • + There is always room for upgrade, but switching from poor exile using sticks he found on the ground (which is still performing somewhat good for its cost of none) to actually geared setups is smooth and doesn't require too much currency out of sudden.


  • - Poison playstyle is not for everyone. If you prefer instant damage dealing, it might be not the best build for you. But at the same time you have more freedom in dodging while damage is still ticking.
  • - Initial setup has alright damage, but survivability mostly comes from further gear upgrades. 
  • - Fully automated flasks mean additional investments, specially when your goal is 100% uptime on Dying Sun (eventually it is your goal).
  • - Having no weapon also mean 3 less gem sockets, which is pretty bad. At least you could level 3 more gems there to corrupt/sell them:)



Leveling (acts)

PoB link with leveling trees:

You can navigate between different trees in left bottom corner of your PoB. Their names should make it obvious for when to follow them.

This section describe links and passives allocation order during leveling in acts, so if you respeccing already leveled character using this build, you can skip this part.

Gems and Links

=== Levels 1-12 ===

As soon as I enter the town and until lvl 12 I prefer to level with Caustic Arrow, which later is supported by QoL links - Mirage Archer (lvl 4 Flask Quest) and Pierce or Void Manipulation (lvl 8, entering Lower Prison), choice is yours.

Secondary link for additional single target damage is Puncture (lvl 4, Rhoa Eggs) + Pierce in case you manage to find an additional 2L, otherwise just Puncture would be enough.

Steelskin (lvl 4, Rhoa Eggs) bound to LMB will greatly improve survivability during the campaign, specially its bleed removal during skill effect.

Dash (lvl 4, Rhoa Eggs) - our movement skill until lvl 10.

Vitality (lvl 10, Brutus) - additional Life Regeneration.

Smoke Mine (lvl 10, Brutus) - main movement skill, still better than Dash despite all the nerfs. Also adding Flame Dash as your secondary movement ability is highly advised. You gonna need friends or a guild to get Flame Dash though, because rangers are prohibited to buy gems that are smarter than them.

Final links/colors we'll need during Act 1:

GGG - Caustic Arrow + Mirage Archer + Pierce/Void Manipulation
GG - Puncture + Pierce
G - Dash later being replaced with Smoke Mine
R x2 - Steelskin, Vitality
B - Flame Dash

Try to get a 3L in any other slot but your bow, because we gonna switch to Poisonous Concoction at level 12 and lose the bow while still needing the links.
Also its a good idea to check for some good shields on your way so you can use it from level 12, and pick up some magic items to vendor them unidentified and get couple extra transmutes for further NPC purchases / bench crafts.

=== Levels 12-23 ===

Upon reaching lvl 12 and first Merveil's cave we already begin to use our main skill. Get rid of the bow and everything related to it, equip shield you've found on the way / buy some from vendor and make our new main link:

Poisonous Concoction + Volley + Lesser Multiple Projectiles. If/when you find a 4L you can add Vicious Projectiles (lvl 18, The Weaver), thats enough until lvl 38.

A few words about skill itself and why are we using two supports with less damage multipliers. Poisonous Concoction as you may figure by its name is a poison skill, and our main damage source would be from poison instead of direct hit damage. Because of poison mechanic we do not lose any poison damage from less multipliers on these support gems, as they affect hit damage but not base hit value which the poison scales from. Projectiles however add a bunch of damage to the skill because it is able to shotgun and poison one target multiple times per use. This makes additional projectiles and AoE increases a very potent source of damage, at the same time increasing our area coverage and clear.

Starting from level 12 your Life Flask is your weapon, so make sure you'll always replace it with better versions when possible. Percantage of its life recovery value is applied as base hit damage of Poisonous Concoction and if you forget to upgrade your flask for couple acts you may easily miss 1/4 or even 1/3 or your damage.

At level 16 you should be able to collect couple Alterations to buy certain gems after getting one for free from quest completion:

Herald of Agony (lvl 16, Chamber of Sins) - take it as quest reward
Blood Rage (lvl 16, Chamber of Sins)
Summon Skitterbots (lvl 16, Chamber of Sins)
Don't worry about Blood Rage degen as it should be completely countered by Vitality. Speaking of which, don't overlevel it and make sure you have enough unreserved Mana to use Poisonous Concoction at least 2-3 times.

Act 2 links summary:

GGG - Poisonous Concoction + Volley + Lesser Multiple Projectiles
G x3 - Smoke Mine, Herald of Agony, Blood Rage
R x2 - Steelskin, Vitality
B x2 - Flame Dash, Summon Skitterbots

=== Levels 24-37 ===

We keep all previous stuff, but still have to add couple new sockets onto our gear. Good news is that we're pretty much done with changing links at this point, only few gem swaps to do later (and they'll replace already existing ones).

Right after you tell Piety to leave Crematorium at level 24, we swap Summon Skitterbots for Purity of Elements Ailments immunity and extra resists is amazing thing to get and must be taken asap.

We gonna need one more Green and Blue sockets on our gear, used for Despair and Plague Bearer (also obtained after Crematorium). Curse is used against tough bosses while Plague Bearer is great for both clearing trash and add more damage on bosses.

Act 3 and onward links summary:

GGGG - Poisonous Concoction + Volley + Lesser Multiple Projectiles + Vicious Projectiles
G x4 - Smoke Mine, Herald of Agony, Blood Rage, Plague Bearer
R x2 - Steelskin, Vitality
B x3 - Flame Dash, Purity of Elements, Despair

=== Levels 38+ ===

There is only one yet very important change to make - after beating Kaom with Daresso and drill your way into the Beast, take one and buy another gem in town: Greater Volley and Greater Multiple Projectiles, which we will use instead lesser versions in main link now.

=== Act 5 and Lily ===

After doing Twillight Strand clear quest you can buy any gems, this is a good time to get few for leveling in weapon swap. There is some useful ones you'll need later in maps anyway:

Withering Step - you'll use it soon after finishing acts
Unbound Ailments - our 5th link
Void Manipulation - our 6th link
Spell Totem - can be used in acts for bosses as well, but then you'll need an additional 3L: Spell Totem + Multiple Totems + Wither (everything except Spell Totem can be left at gem level 1)
Grace - for later respec
Determination - same as above
Molten Shell - for when we'll have enough Armour to justify MS usage
Malevolence - for later respec or experimental Divine Blessing link.

Passive Tree

=== 18 points ===

Starting with projectile damage nodes for easier early acts. Heart of Oak for some life and stun avoidance, Primal Spirit in case you need more attributes for Steelskin, Vitality or Despair. Pathing towards the Claw Mastery for that early Life & Mana on hit, which removes the need of Mana Flask and allow us to tank some monster hits easier.

=== 27 points ===

Toxic Strikes and first Poison Mastery for demo-version of your future gameplay, also Freedom of Movement to not stuck in monsters as often and run to the endgame faster:)

=== 35 points ===

Time to get some life via Thick Skin, Herbalism and Intuition before we go in 1st Lab. You may also take one of Life Masteries for Vitality reservation efficiency if needed.

=== 42 points ===

Master Toxicist is an optimal choice for 1st Lab point. Monsters previously survived due not being hit will now die from Poison prolif, and poison itself getting stronger. At this point we also take Druidic Rite and Flask Mastery (Utility Flasks recharge) for better flask uptime. Graceful Assault allow us to have strong Onslaught earlier than we'd get Onslaught from flask in Act 5, also you may take 30 Str/Int nodes on the way if you need more of either.

=== 55 points ===

Swift Venoms and Mastery for more damage. Survivalist to counter Kitava's resist loss a bit. Also taking Jewel Socket and put Survival Instincts (Act 2, Golden Hand Quest) in for even better flask sustain.

=== 66 points ===

Fatal Toxins and Mastery for more more damage, Careful Conservationist to compensate a downside of Survival Instincts we added earlier.

=== 75 points ===

Second Lab is on the way, goot time for some extra life. Blood Drinker and Revenge of the Hunted is what we take, as for 2nd Lab point its up to you: Nature's Reprisal is simply more damage and aoe for better overlap, while Nature's Boon would provide even better flask sustain. Latter is also useful for better Master Toxicist uptime and make you faster indirectly (Quicksilver Flask) so I'd take this one first.

=== 89 points ===

With Lab done we now can get damages, and we will. Wasting, Coordination, Fangs of the Viper and Entropy should greatly improve our main PoB number; Blood Siphon on the way should also add some survivability. Keep in mind that Entropy does not affect Poison duration but still make certain secondary skills longer, namely Steelskin or Despair.

Our 3rd Lab point is whatever we skipped in 2nd one - Nature's Boon or Nature's Reprisal. Nature's Adrenaline is the least important node so we leave it for Uber Lab.

=== 98 points ===

This tree is partially related to early mapping setup, so I'll mention changes we're making here after acts.

First of all we change class start area because projectile damage does little to nothing for us even in early maps, not to mention further upgrades focussing on Poison damage.

Claw Mastery - changing it to crit immunity for higher survivability, also allows us to ignore crit modifiers we roll on our maps.

Inveterate - this cluster alone cover 1/3 or our Spell Suppress cap, the rest we will get on gear later.

Clever Thief - to replace Claw Mastery.

Charisma - must be enough to return Summon Skitterbots and level up Vitality.

Replenishing Remedies - better flask sustain.

Pantheons during leveling 

Major: Soul of Brine King - to deal with stuns
Minor: Soul of Ruslatha - Life Flask sustain



Early Mapping

PoB links: No clusters | Yes clusters.

Now when we've gotten leveling topic off the way, lets talk about more interesting parts. This section covers gear, gems and passive tree progress from acts done moment and until early red maps (approximately level 90).

Gems and Links

Main Skill

Our main link should look as following (add 5th and 6th gems when you have 5/6L available):
Poisonous Concoction + Greater Volley + Greater Multiple Projectiles + Vicious Projectiles + Unbound Ailments + Void Manipulation


As I mentioned in leveling section, taking Charisma wheel and Reservation Efficiency Mastery should be enough for that aura setup:
Herald of Agony, Purity of Elements, Vitality, Summon Skitterbots


Withering Step - replacing Steelskin on LMB, additional Wither stacks are nice for ramping up damage on single target, and Elusive is great for extra speed/avoidance while moving. We then link Steelskin with Cast when Damage Taken to not use it manually.

We also need another source of Wither as just Withering Step is not enough yet, and there is two options:

Default one - Spell Totem + Multiple Totems + Wither
Fancy - Ancestral Protector + Withering Touch + Culling Strike
Second option provides worse Wither sustain but better dps buffs for your character. Might be more effective if you manage to get a Divergent version of Poisonous Concoction.

Other links are remain unchanged

Passive Tree

=== 98 points ===

The only change worth to mention here is the replacement of Graceful Assault for Acuity to fix our Accuracy problems.

=== 113 points ===

At this moment we'll put all our points into cluster jewels. If you didn't get required clusters yet you can use temporary replacement without some notables or with higher amount of passives, its still better than trying to get something from the tree.

Grinding our Gear

Most interesting part for us Exiles:) We won't need any expensive upgrades to reach red maps, just a couple cheap uniques. The only "expensive" part here is flasks, no wonder when you play a Pathfinder :D I'll only mention important gear pieces to avoid "there is a generic rare chest with life and resist" kind of descriptions.

One property you really should get as soon as you could is a veiled mod increased Duration of Ailments you inflict while Focussed on Helmet - in 4 seconds of Focus you can apply a lot of very long Poison stacks, good single target boost that also doesn't cost you much.

Next one is a belt modifier % reduced Flask Charges used. This stat is almost non-existent outside of the belt slot and is very important for flask sustain.

Rest of the rares is placeholders I've mentioned already, with whatever good stuff you manage to get. However there is 2 more uniques worth to consider.

First is a Death Rush. Literally every stat but leech is very good for us, and guaranteed Onslaught on Kill is pretty nice. It also shouldn't be expensive even at league start. Second unique might be not that cheap, so consider using one if you get a good deal or lucky drop - Leper's Alms with good defences and solid dps boost thanks to ailment duration mod.

Of course there is much more uniques that you can fit into your early setup, so there is a list of something you might want to get if you already got enough resistances etc on your other pieces:

Dendrobate - cheap and effective dps chest. Getting 300 dex is not a problem, and 150 int requirement is optional but would make this item even better.
Carcass Jack - good old Carcass, likely not cheap yet very nice unique.
Cherrubim's Maleficence - another cheap source of damage.
Three-step Assault - good boots when you have Phasing and Onslaught in your build.
Atziri's Step - the dream, sadly its usually pretty hard to get early for a reasonable price.
The Embalmer - amazing gloves, stats speak for itself.
Snakebite - also not bad option, but sustaining Frenzy charges against single target might be a problem.
Null and Void - source of Rampage and good other stats.
Starkonja's Head - cheap & good.
The Gull - really nice for those who like to click on shrines, specially with new Atlas passives for shrines.
Icefang Orbit - good damage and clear boost.
Leper's Alms - shield I mentioned before.


Taste of Hate - relatively cheap and very defensive unique, with just this flask we gain a ton of Cold Resistance, Cold and Physical mitigation. Should be active all the time by enchanting it with Reused at the end of this Flask's effect, which does not require too much investments into flask sustain (and our should be enough already). Try to keep the flasks at 0% quality, details below.

Overflowing Chalice - very cheap source of damage and additional flask charges for other flasks.

Saturated Divine Life Flask - this one we definitely quality up, Life flask alone adds ~440 flat chaos damage to the skill, which is over 50% of base damage on the gem level 19. Try to get Bleed Immunity as a Suffix.

Quicksilver Flask and Granite Flask - movement speed is yes of course, and extra Armour is good to mitigate some physical hits because most of our gear is Evasion based.


Increased Armour during Flask effect and reduced effect of Curses on you is what I've used.
chance to avoid Being Stunned - self-explanatory, if stuns are annoying.
incresed Attack Speed - extra dps when everything else is fine.
additional Elemental Resistances - to fix resistances early on.
Worth to mention that all mods above, as well as base flask properties are affected by Flask Effect increases.


reduced Charges used - budget option for better sustain.
reduced Duration / Increased Effect - option for later when you can keep 100% uptime with less duration from this mod.


Reused at the end of this Flask's effect - you start with this one, as it require less investments to maintain 100% flask uptime. Downside is that you have to press flask once at the beginning of every location.

Used when Charges reach full - fully automated option, you don't need to press flask with it, but require more investments into flask sustain, specially when you'll fit certain orange flask into your build.

Don't forget to visit upper left part of The Epilogue (unless its changed in 3.17), you can unlock flask enchants alongside the movespeed craft there.

About 0% quality on flasks. We have a Notable Spiked Concoction on our Medium Cluster Jewel, that provide a nice buff Alchemist's Genius (20% increased Flask Charges gained and 10% Flask Effect), which is applied on flask use. While we use first enchant on our flasks, lower their duration with 0% quality means they'll reuse themself more often, maintain the buff better

Cluster Jewels

Large, Chaos Damage, 8 Passives. We looking for these nodes - Touch of Cruelty/Wicked Pall, Unholy Grace and Unwaveringly Evil. A lot of damage increase, might be expensive with everything we need - in that case you can temporary use 9 passives base and/or one without one of the notables. If you want to craft it yourself I recommend using ilvl 50-67 base to exclude unnecessary mods from the pool.

Medium, Damage over Time, 4-5 Passives. Ones with Flow of Life might be expensive, but there is a lot of possible good combinations that are cheaper (though you'll lose some life). Pay attention to jewel base, there is a lot of different Damage over Times, we need a generic one.

Medium, Flask Effect Duration, 4-5 Passives. Here we're looking for Peak Vigour and Spiked Concoction. Should be easy to craft and therefore cheap to buy one.

Pantheons in maps 

Major: Soul of Brine King - as you progress further it become worse and eventually you switch to Soul of Solaris.
Minor: Soul of Ruslatha - remain unchanged as we spending a lot of Life flask charges.




PoB link: its right here click it

At this point we got almost everything in the passive tree, time to invest more into gear

Gems and Links

Main Skill

Main setup is unchanged*, just try to catch cheap awakened gems on the trade if possible.
*look for Devouring Diadem in gear section to see a potential gem swap.

Due to gear upgrades we change aura setup:

Purity of Elements, Herald of Agony, Vaal Grace, Determination

For same reason we get a CwDT setup:

Cast when Damage Taken [Lvl 14] + Vaal Molten Shell [Lvl 18] + Increased Duration + Withering Step
Try to get an Anomalous version of Withering Step for better Wither uptime on bosses.


Plague Bearer + Blood Rage + Enhance + Flame Dash
Anomalous quality for Blood Rage it really great to generate Frenzy charges against single target. As for Enhance, just try to get a cheap one and level it up.

Secondary Wither link depends on your preferences and whether you have an alternate quality on your Poisonous Concoction. Also in theory, alternate quality on Withering Step might be enough for maximum Wither stacks on bosses already.

Additional experimental link, you can wait for my tests on stream or try it yourself:)
Divine Blessing + Malevolence

Use it when you have a Devouring Diadem and ~700 ES, before that we simply cannot press it.

Passive Tree

=== 118 points ===

Trading Clever Thief and Fang of the viper for a Jewel Socket with corrupted blood jewel and Evasion Mastery to fit all the auras.

Rest of the points we put into small life clusters.

Grinding increased Gear

And thats probably a good time to get trualy core uniques that will make this build solid for clearing serious content.


Devouring Diadem - a helmet that I'm tempted to put into every build after trying it once :D In this particular build it is however a BiS option, combining tons of very important and useful properties:

- Eldritch Battery - built-in keystone allow us to reserve all of our mana and spend ES to use skills.
- additional reservation efficiency for socketed skills that perfectly complements previous mod.
- built-in ability that triggers every 5 seconds, eat corpses nearby and recover tons of Life, Mana and Energy Shield. Sometimes may save your life by eating Porcupine corpses with their on-death effects being removed before they reach your face:)
- like the other Betrayal items it comes with a Veiled mod, which makes it perfect... est? Yes, perfectest item for us because we gain all the good stuff while still having our Focus mod - increased Duration of Ailments you inflict while Focussed.
There is another thing you can change after obtaining this helmet - swapping Void Manipulation in main link for Deadly Ailments. At this point we don't rely on hit damage or leech anyway and this support provide more damage for Poison.

Circle of Nostalgia - also very good upgrade, this time in a ring slot. To fit all auras we want it should have the modifier Herald of Agony increased Mana Reservation Efficiency with at least 35% roll. Second modifier might be one of the following:

increased Chaos Damage while affected by Herald of Agony - biggest direct damage increase.
Herald of Agony has increased Buff Effect - less damage than 1st one but provide more global chance to Poison, which might be nice later (lategame gear section, Asenath's Gentle Touch).
to Chaos Resistance while affected by Herald of Agony - not the best option but thats a lot of Chaos resist so why not.

There is a wide variety of possible Synthesised implicits on these rings, just check for anything that might be useful for you like increased damage or extra attributes. Also don't forget to catalyst something on your ring:)


First in our list of important rare upgrades is a ring with Curse Enemies with Despair on Hit mod - big QoL as it frees up a gem socket, hotkey and the need to cast curse manually. Can be found on Chaos nodes in Delve or rolled on Hunter-influenced rings. Latter can be rolled with Harvest reforges (Caster) to get it relatively easy as there is not much caster mods on the ring.

Next important slot to upgrade is a shield, ideally we want a hybrid EV/ES base with life, spell suppress and as much ES as possible. With Eldritch Battery our ES is our manapool pretty much, and the more ES you have the more you recharge per second, allow you to spam more concoctions. Its up to you if you want to craft or buy this slot.
ES from helmet and shield should be enough to use concoction without running out of energy shield, but in case you decide to use new Blessing thing you'll have to benchcraft 10% of Maximum Life as Extra Maximum Energy Shield on your chest.

Belt upgrade consists of % reduced Flask Charges used mod we should already have and another flask one: increased Flask Effect Duration with maximum possible roll, gonna need it for Dying Sun automation (details in flask section).


Jewel with corrupted blood implicit - nice QoL. As for stats, just look for whatever seems useful and affordable at the moment:)

Medium, Flask Effect Duration, 4-5 Passives - Fasting with Spiked Concoction, an option for better flask sustain.

Brutal Restraint - Timeless jewel with bunch of possible good stats. Optimal placement is jewel socket at Ranger start, next to the Acrobatics keystone.

Useful stats you may check for:

Increased Flask Charges Gained - very helpful for flask sustain
Chance to Blind on Hit - Blind is both defensive and offensive debuff now as it increases your chance to Evade attacks and reduce enemy chance to Evade, increasing your Hit chance
Damage with Poison - all sources of damage increase are very valuable as build doesn't have too many of them
Poisons you inflict Deal Damage faster - doesn't change total damage dealt per poison but increases DPS
Effect of non-curse Auras - extra defences / resists
Attack and Cast Speed - additional dps
Maximum Life - life (what did you expect huh)
Onslaught on Kill - nice yet rare mod, guaranteed 8s Onslaught on kill is cool to have
Chance to Avoid being Stunned - might be useful to reach stun avoidance cap
5% increased Dexterity - just some extra Accuracy
+20 to Dexterity - and this one too


Dying Sun - flask that makes us investing so much into flask sustain. Insanely good when you can fully utilize it - with 50% increased Flask Effect it provide +3 additional Projectiles and bunch of extra AoE for better overlaps. Due to nerfs of unique flasks it is pretty hard to reach 100% uptime on this one, but Pathfindes still can do that.

Few days prior 3.17 launch I've asked my friend to make a quik maffs device for stats required to automate Dying Sun. It should be accurate enough to not be completely useless, and you can try it yourself by making a copy of it here. PoB link for this section contains items that should be enough for automation, but its far from being guaranteed that you find exactly the same stuff so feel free to calc it for your setup:)




PoB link:

Levels are leveled, gear is geared. Weapon is prohibited to use and we can't level up past 100 so the only thing we can do is to upgrade our gear even more. Keep in mind that you can go even further beyond this level, but other upgrades are left open for your experiments. This setup was enough for me to clear everything in 3.16 including 30 waves of Simulacrum, 100% Delirious maps and Release all Maven's Feared

Gems and Links

Few changes touches utility part only. Since we're removing Blood Rage, we can combine Wither and utility gems:

Plague Bearer + Withering Step + Enhance + Ancestral Protector or Increased Duration

Otherwise just keep replacing regular gems with awakened / alt quality where it might be good

Passive Tree

=== 118+ points ===

Points past lvl 95, if you plan to have any, I'd put into Jewel Socket for Watcher's Eye and Frenzy Charge(s). Let me know if you find a way to level up past 100, would like to have more points for sure:

Grinding more Gear

Only two but very important two changes here.

First is crafting a double-influenced chest with Redeemer and Hunter mods chance to gain a Frenzy Charge on Hit and You can apply an additional Curse. Hopefully you know what the Awakener's Orb is, if not you might check it here.

I'd say it is pretty mandatory to get an open prefix to craft 10% of Maximum Life as Extra Maximum Energy Shield, would be great to catch Spell Suppress in suffix to not roll it on boots, which in my opinion is harder.

Additional Curse modifier will be utilized via our second upgrade - Asenath's Gentle Touch gloves. Temporal Chains make our Poison and Wither stacks last longer, greatly improving DPS. Explodes are always nice and fun, and also screw you porcupines! They're also able to cause funny chain reactions in out case. Thing is, Asenath's explodes are physical damage, which can poison if you have global chance to Poison, and we happen to have one from Herald of Agony buff. One of the mods on our Circle of Nostalgia could also increase this buff's effect, giving even more chance to Poison. So monster packs may explode, Poison and Curse nearby monsters with explode, these nearby monsters die, explode etc. Also there is a good amount of life and Int on the gloves, always nice to become smarter that way:)



Anyone are welcomed to redistribute, copy, quote, reference or perform content in this site, if and only if he/she attributed the work

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