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POE Currency

PC-Mayhem/ Orb of Alteration
Orb of Alteration
Price : $36
PC-Mayhem/ Orb of Annulment
Orb of Annulment
Price : $52.65
PC-Mayhem/ Orb of Chance
Orb of Chance
Price : $54
PC-Mayhem/ Orb of Fusing
Orb of Fusing
Price : $2.88
PC-Mayhem/ Orb of Regret
Orb of Regret
Price : $81
PC-Mayhem/ Orb of Scouring
Orb of Scouring
Price : $112.5
PC-Mayhem/ Orb of Unmaking
Orb of Unmaking
Price : $261
PC-Mayhem/ PL lvl 1-80
PL lvl 1-80
Price : $44.1
PC-Mayhem/ PL lvl 1-90
PL lvl 1-90
Price : $54
PC-Mayhem/ PL lvl-1-70
PL lvl-1-70
Price : $35.1
PC-Mayhem/ Regal Orb
Regal Orb
Price : $40.5
PC-Mayhem/ Tabula Rasa Simple Robe
Tabula Rasa Simple Robe
Price : $8.91
PC-Mayhem/ Vaal Orb
Vaal Orb
Price : $243
PC-Standard/ Silver coin
Silver coin
Price : $2
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Attention And Introduction

Path of Exile Orbs is main currency in game, you need POE Orbs to trade to other players directly or the marketplace. Cheap POE Orbs hot sale at! We have prepared amounts of POE Orbs in stock for you, enjoy the best price and 5Mins fast delivery in our store.

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POE trading progress

  • 1.Our player will send you a request to add you as friend and then pary a team with you,please give the player a response.
  • 2.We will apply for get into your own hideout if you have one. Or if not,please go to The Forest Encanpment of Normal-act2 after form team with you successfully,then our player will deliver the items which you have purchased.
  • 3.You need to list one item worthless in the black while trading,after that,we will send you the items you want.
  • 4.Please verify with our operator once the trading done on our Live Chat.
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