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MU Legend Room of Duty Dungeon

MU Legend Endless Tower

A giant tower built by Rugard and Bulcan.

It's been said that those who rise to the challenge of climbing the tower are granted great power.

Mu Legend Endless Tower

Main Reward

  • Jewel of Bless
  • Wing Growth Stone
  • Infinite Essence
  • Blessed Feather
  • Seal of Power


MU Legend Fabrice's Garden

The Antiquis Deos Fabrice's Garden.

A variety of Crafting and Boss drop materials without limit can be found here.

MU Legend Fabrice's Garden


MU Legend Blood Castle

An otherworldly castle in which Anilata, the leader of the Crusaders, lies in slumber.

Recently, a dispute has taken place, instigated by the Demons of

MU Legend Blood Castle

Main Reward

Small Large Magic Gem Pouch

A pouch containing Magic Gems.

Use the item to acquire 300 Magic Gems.


Large Magic Gem Pouch

A pouch containing Magic Gems.

Use the item to acquire 500 Magic Gems.


Large Magic Gem Pouch

A pouch containing Magic Gems.

Use the item to acquire 1000 Magic Gems.


Chest of Powers

A mysterious Chest obtained from the Endless Tower.

It contains god's power.

You can obtain one of the listed items when used.

Right-click to use.

item list

blessed Feather X10

Seal of Power X10

Wing Growth Stone X10

Jewel of Bless X1


MU Legend Warped Magic Gem Mine

An ancient Magic Gem mine that has existed for thousands of years.

A large number of Magic Gems can be found here.

MU Legend Warped Magic Gem Mine


MU Legend Luery's Secret Vault

It holds the vast fortunes luery has amassed by exploiting the Rift.

A large amount of Zen and items can be found here.

MU Legend Luery's Secret Vault

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