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New World Gameplay

New World is an upcoming MMO developed by Amazon Games Studio Players need to grasp their own destiny on a hostile and cursed road. What to do here, who to ally with, and who to fight with, is alone It is up to the player to decide whether to live alone in a terrifying and spiritual environment, or to build a prosperous civilization with others. In this world where weather, season and time alternate, the only restriction is the player's own ambition.

New World Gameplay


Story and Premise

Rather than trying to emulate history directly, New World is entirely fictional but uses 17th century explorers and new land discovery as its basis of inspiration. In New World you take control of an intrepid adventurer that finds themselves on the shores of Aeternum, also known as the Eternal Isle.

The land of Aeternum is overflowing with Azoth, a powerful substance that’s rumored to be capable of bestowing eternal life -- sort of like the Fountain of Youth. Obviously, you and fellow travelers are compelled to investigate further. Aeternum is, on paper, a diverse region with a mixture of beautiful landscapes and supernatural geographical anomalies.

Once you arrive though you’ll discover that Aeternum is anything but an idyllic paradise. Creatures cover the island and grotesque monsters roam freely. A powerful and twisted force known as The Corruption has overtaken the land and infected anything it comes into contact with.

You've got to fight back The Corruption, take control of the land, and compete with other rival explorers to stake your claim and secure your legacy.

New World MMO Azoth

The game was originally framed in the mid-1600s colonization period, but has since shifted towards a more fantasy-focused setting. As an "Open World"-MMO it aims to set itself apart from other online games by offering players a vast world to explore and a lot of freedom when it comes to playstyles.


While the term "survival" has often come up when describing New World, the few survival elements that the game had in previous iterations have since been removed and the game has shifted to more traditional MMO features.

As players explore the map, they'll fight not only wildlife but also a variety of undead and supernatural enemies. Their main foe however is a faction called the "Corrupted". They are cultists empowered by the ancient corruption on the island, that have erected fortifications and seek to erase or enslave all life on the island.

Combat is inspired by Dark Souls, meaning there is no tab-targetting like in most other MMO games. Instead, action combat lets you freely engage enemies with aimed attacks, with blocking, dodging and general positioning and timing being main elements of PvE and PvP engagements. Ranged weapons also have to be aimed manually and the same is true for magic attacks. There is player collision.

Gathering and crafting play a vital role in the game, next to exploration and combat, and are explained in more detail in their own sections below. Another major focus is territory control and mass sieges - either against other players or hordes of Corrupted.

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